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The Dallas Metroplex Council of Black Alumni Associations (DMCBAA) has served the Dallas - Fort Worth metropolitan area since 1987. The unified vision of alumni from nine (9) Dallas - Fort Worth area HBCU alumni chapters, this non-profit organization operates under the 501(c)3 status.

It is devoted to educating students about HBCUs, raising funds to provide financial assistance to DFW area students attending HBCUs, and supporting the efforts of member HBCU alumni chapters. 

The Nine Founding HBCU Alumni Chapters

Graduation Ceremony

"Dedicated to excellence in education"


The DMCBAA Mission

Our mission at DMCBAA is to promote unity and collaboration among alumni organizations from Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Our goal is to assist local HBCU chapters in their efforts to showcase their institutions and encourage students in the Dallas - Fort Worth metroplex to attend HBCUs. We also work tirelessly to raise funds for scholarships and financial aid programs to support DFW area students enrolled in or accepted to HBCUs. Our dedication is advancing the cause of Historically Black Colleges and Universities and empowering the next generation of leaders.

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The DMCBAA Vision

The vision of DMCBAA is to foster effective communication between our organization, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and local HBCU alumni associations. By working closely together, we can better understand the needs of our community and develop action plans to generate revenues for operating costs, funding scholarships, and other financial assistance programs. Additionally, we must focus on designing and implementing strategies to maintain and increase membership in DMCBAA and publicizing our activities to raise awareness and support for our mission. Finally, we must prioritize developing community outreach programs for minority students as we strive to empower and uplift our community.

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